Welcome to our new blog! Read this first.

This brand new blog is for parents and adult caregivers of children with special needs.

This blog is for sharing ideas, for offering reflections and for growing in understanding and faith.

Questions will be posted to spark discussion- the questions are based on the lesson of the month for groups using Rhythms of Grace, Year One, but anyone can join in the discussion!

There is a wealth of wisdom in our parents heads and hearts… let’s share it!

You need not post your name if you choose to remain anonymous… but please, post your ideas.

See the next post to get started.



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3 Comments on “Welcome to our new blog! Read this first.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks Audrey. What a wonderful idea. I look forward to all the wisdom and caring that will appear here.

  2. Janice Says:

    Be approachable and always offer a positive comment/feedback to welcome a new comer!
    Thanks Audrey for considering me to be a part of this great endeavor!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Parenting is a gift from God. I do my daily parenting with much daily prayers!!! I feel like society has never prepared me to be a “a good parent” until I found the LORD. BTW…I had awesome parents and a great society who allowed me to grow when I was a child…but parenting my own kids i this culture is another issue (I am a first generation immigrant).

    I have two young adult children and I believe that they are very successful thanks to all the “prayers” and daily seeking of the Lord’s guidance” I do.

    Reverend Audrey, thanks for this thread. This is a much needed thread.

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