Preparing for a new place

One of the parents who comes to our Rhythms of Grace services brought her camera on their first visit.  She took some photos of our worship service, and then, before the next visit, showed them to her daughter as a means of reminder and preparation.

It helped to ease the transition into our new community.

This worked.

What other ideas are there for easing into a new space/community?

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2 Comments on “Preparing for a new place”

  1. Anne Says:

    The initial encounter in a new situation/environment can be nerve-wracking for anyone. That first moment can be a make-or-break one; a warm, friendly welcome has the power to set the tone for subsequent encounters. Those who are doing the welcoming can also follow-up with letting others know what to expect next time, such as routines and schedules that will be followed and demonstrating physical space touchstones which will remain constant from week to week.

  2. yes! Anne, thanks for mentioning the importance of routine and schedule. I know that many of us need a regular routine … even some ‘same-ness’ in the physical layout of a room ( the story telling circle is always over near that corner… and the quiet corner is always in the same place with the same big comfy cushions…) These ideas can make a big difference in the comfort level of a child in a new(ish) space.

    And warm welcomes… amen to that.

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