Getting God in the mix. WWJD if he found his kid stealing… or bullying… or if he saw another kid being bullied… how does our faith intersect with our parenting?

Hmmm. thanks to Nancy for her excellent comment on our first entry… she said that parenting is a “gift from God.” She also said that without her faith, parenting would be much harder ( my paraphrase.)

Thanks, Nancy… for introducing the other balance point of this blog… the SPIRITUALITY of parenting.

I am a life long church goer. I suppose that I have taken my faith and its precepts for granted. I think that a lot of what my Christian faith teaches, is also accepted in the cultural mainstream these days… in a culture that is less and less reliant on the Church and her teachings to act as a moral compass … and more and more on ‘generic morals.’  There seems a lot of overlap.

Our Bible tells us: “Love our neighbors. Stealing is bad. Taking advantage of another is bad. Hospitality is good. Sharing is good. Caring for the poor, lonely, disadvantaged is good.” I can’t argue with any of that… but as a Christian, I can’t claim it as exclusive to my faith tradition, either.

PARENTS- how does your faith inform your parenting? Do you use the “G” word or the “J” word in your house… with your kids?

Share your wisdom here. It may be a blessing for someone else… and.. you may discover something new about yourself, in the process.!

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