Gearing up for Sunday

For us in Plainville, it is Rhythms season again… we will meet for the first time this fall on Sunday and I am… excited!

I always get a little anxious as a Rhythms-date draws near…. I wonder who will come… will our old friends be joined by new ones?  Will we see some faces that we have missed for a while?  Rhythms is different than regular church.  It is more fluid and less predictable-  and so that adds an extra edge of excitement.

This Sunday we will be teaching the story of Abraham and Sarah… faithful followers of God who packed up and moved when God told them to “Go.”  They didn’t ask questions, but just were obedient to God.

I bought a tent this afternoon- it is a small ‘pup’ tent that I am hoping the kids might enjoy crawling in and out of.  Sarah and Abraham lived in a tent as people ‘in transit.’  I want to give our kids a chance to feel what that was like ( though I doubt that Sarah and Abraham’s tent had a mosquito fly…)


We will also play with stars ( God said that Abraham’s offspring would be as numerous as the stars…oy.  that’s a lot of mouths to feed) …

… and to remember the idea of Hospitality ( Sarah and Abraham entertained 3 guests while they were living their nomadic life)… we will practice setting the table- a good life skill- don’t you agree, parents?

I look forward to seeing our friends again… and breaking bread at Jesus’ table.

See you Sunday?




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