Off with a bang.

We celebrated our first Rhythms of Grace for this year in Plainville yesterday.

It was great to see our old friends and to come together in this time of worship, play and sacramental sharing.

The story was about Abraham and Sarah and their faithful response to God’s direction for them to “Go,” and also, about the amazing thing that happened when Sarah, as an old woman, learned that she was to have a baby.  We also talked about the 3 Visitors who told Sarah her  ‘good ‘ news… and how they were shown hospitality ….

One of our friends loved the  mini dome tent  that I had set up.  Inside there was a sheepskin and a big cotton throw… It served as our ‘safe space’ for the day.. making a cozy retreat.  I  think we’ll use that next time, too.

We played with playdough, did some sponge painting, hung stars in the sky and had a surpise visit from Shakiru, a therapy dog. We had our informal version of communion and shared that wonderful moment of calm at the end.

Mostly, we were together again, making up that marvelous expression of the Body of Christ that happens everytime we gather at Rhythms.

Was I the only one who felt it?

If you were there, tell us what it was like for you.  Does this fill your spiritual bucket? 

If you weren’t there, but read this blog, tell us… what does fill your spiritual bucket?  How do you find calm in your day?

Rhythms of Grace made  my day, yesterday.



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2 Comments on “Off with a bang.”

  1. Harriet Says:

    I am glad to hear that R.O.G was a success! I am sorry that I couldn’t have been there; I truly miss it.
    I can identify with the concept of filling one’s “spiritual bucket.” The stress of everyday life easily distracts us from what is really important. Personally, I find my sanity is reliant on spiritual consistency. This does not necessarily need to be found through formal Sunday morning worship for me. Small interactions such as holding the door for a coworker, giving change to the homeless person on the street, or smiling at someone on a morning jog are sometimes enough to fill the “spiritual void” so to speak.
    Rhythms is successful because it opens our eyes to an alternative form of worship. When we encounter meaningful experiences through a small exchange with a child or parent, it is clear how powerful spirituality is; yet how simply it can be achieved.

  2. John Says:

    Well, the service sure filled my bucket, and it was a beautiful day for it, too! Audrey, if you have a link for purchase orders for the “Rhythms of Grace” book, any chance you could send that around? Otherwise, I could just tell people to google the publisher or go to Amazon. Thanks. J.

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