Following Up On The Joseph Story: Family Dynamics

I was sitting next to a friend at a large dinner party this week- you know, the kind of party where it is impossible to have one conversation around the table and so the talk turns to smaller exchanges with one’s neighbor (known as ‘dinner partners’ in my mother’s day)…  We were having nice chat … but this friend was somewhat apologetic  as she shared the ups and downs of family life as she knew it.  I laughed and told her that, in my estimation, every family (most certainly including mine) was a little ….weird… and that, in my profession, I had yet to meet someone who did not have their own ‘story.’

The first book of the Bible- Genesis- gives us a lot of stories about families, for better or worse. 

The story of Joseph is fraught with discord from the get-go… but ends in a wonderful gesture of mercy, compassion and love.

And so, the QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION for our blog this time are about families:

How do we as parents set the tone for our household?

How do we negotiate sibling issues, including sibling rivalry?

How do we manage to give eacn child the attention that he or she needs… especially when one child’s needs might be so much more evident or immediate than another’s?

And THEN… how do we re-charge ourselves at the end of the day and get ready for the NEXT day?

There are a lot of wonderful opportunities for conversation here-  won’t you please share your ideas? 


Thanks in advance for your participation.


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2 Comments on “Following Up On The Joseph Story: Family Dynamics”

  1. OK- lots of readers. Yay! Comments? Not so much.

    I’ll go first: Let’s take the idea of ‘recharging.’

    My theory is that if we don’t keep OURSELVES healthy and moderately sane… then our parenting becomes all the more fractured and strained. We are, maybe, more likely to fly off the handle or make bad decisions.
    So… I have a couple of things that have worked for me.
    1) When my two Irish Twins were toddlers I enrolled in a Graduate program at CCSU. I needed some kind of intellectual stimulation that repeated readings of “Goodnight Moon” just weren’t giving me.
    Yes, I had the luxury of a husband to help with the kids while I took a class here and there, but the engagement with another group of adults and WITH MY MIND was really stimulating.

    2) I joined a gym. Never one to exercise, I discovered that making time for a work out every day ( OK, Monday -Friday) built an automatic stress reliever into my daily routine. Again- praise be to God for the husband who watched the kids while I was working out. I did, however, join a gym that opened really early in the morning so, most days, I was home before the household even woke up.
    How do you take care of YOURSELF in the stressful world of parenting?

  2. Linda Snyder Says:

    I had two areas that helped me refresh and rejuvenate while me children were very young… First I worked parttime…I loved my work even though it was in Children’s ministries I really worked with adults in an office with adult conversations. Secondly I join a woman’s book group. I had never been an avid reader but it was a group begun my a friend who was and really led us into some wonderful pieces of literature. Now I can’t say I finished every book but I always tried to make the meetings as the discussion was always good.

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