Tradition, tradition

From our handouts given to parents at Rhythms of Grace:

” What traditions do your family hold that are meaningful, soothing, and that peel away some of the trappings of the season to reveal the beauty and simplicity and power of God-With-Us in the Baby Jesus?”

How ’bout it?

Let’s get a Christmas- Tradition-Sharing-Thread going here!  C’mon… be good sports and comment!

I’ll go first:

At our house we open STOCKINGS only after I (Mom) have lit the tree. 

THEN we have a fancy breakfast.

THEN we go to church.

THEN… we open the rest, going one gift at a time.

This sounds so civilized.  It is.  But is hasn’t been, always. 

I remember the first year that I was ordained, the ‘going- to- church- thing -on- Christmas- morning” was received… quietly.

Now, we love it.  It serves to extend the celebration.

But, what about those of you with smaller kids… or ones who cannot wait… or need more routine in their day?

How do you blend your sense of routine with holiday traditions?

Another tradition- when our kids were smaller, we would bundle them up in the car at night and drive around on a ‘pajama ride’ looking at light displays in neighbor’s yards.  FUN.

How ’bout you?

What you share here may be a blessing for another.


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One Comment on “Tradition, tradition”

  1. Elizabeth Tesi Says:

    I introduced my husband to my favorite winter game of driving around to look at Christmas lights and peer in windows at people’s trees.

    Each kid got one present to open Christmas Eve, and then the rule was no kids could go downstairs until dad had checked to see if Santa had come. (I think my parents just liked to sleep a little!)

    Somewhere around the time my brother got his driver’s license, the newest tradition became Capital Lunch hotdogs on Christmas Eve followed by watching PBS Christmas Specials, Church, and Christmas Eve party with the Portuguese side.

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