Toddler Tabula Rasa

Besides Rhythms of Grace at Church of Our Saviour, I am also blessed with children at my other church… St. Gabriel’s… where we have a weekly Toddler Playgroup.  We call it “Toddlers on Tuesdays at Two (PM) ”  Clever, don’t you think?

Each week we share a bible story, do some sort of related craft or activity, share the requisite graham crackers and apple juice and generally mess around’ till the hour is up.  It is low key, inviting and I get my ‘baby fix.’ See?

 Okay, I know.  He’s not a Toddler… he’s just learning how to crawl… but we are loose with the ages:  we have kids from 7 months to 5 years old…

SO- to the point:  This week we were playing with an old nativity set that I found up in the church attic… and I wanted to focus specifically on the Angels ( I had a cool craft that included things like GLITTER GLUE and FEATHERS…)…

I asked one of the children to get the all the angels out of the creche so we could take a look at them.  And then I realized:  ‘toddler  tabula rasa:‘  this child did not know what an ‘angel’ is.  She did, however, know what a FAIRY is… and so, that’s how our angels came to be called “BIBLE FAIRIES.”

On a similar note, we got onto the topic of Jesus.  His name is:  “BABY GOD.”

Toddler theology ain’t so bad.


Tell us:  what you post here may be a blessing for another.

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4 Comments on “Toddler Tabula Rasa”

  1. drgrcevich Says:

    Very nice…explaining the story to kids in language and images they can understand.

  2. Betsy T Says:


    That is fantastically awesome, and I hope like anything I can use it in a sermon, post-haste!

  3. Linda Says:

    I’m going to have to remember these explanations…Bible Fairies and especially God Baby! Using connections that toddlers, children, adults can make from there lives where they are at that very moment….great formational ministry!!!
    As always….

  4. Liz Tamiso Says:

    Jesus-the-doll (thanks Bishop !!) is living at our house right now – gets rides in the stroller and strapped into the booster seat for snacks, etc. And hands folded to say prayers, just like Xoe and her family say grace, and bedtime prayers. My next trick will be getting out the creche, and trying to explain the relationship between THAT baby and Jesus-the-doll – Baby God is a great thing.

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