The Other Side of Christmas

So… how was yours?

Ours was just about as I had imagined:  late church, up early to head back to church, late brunch, lots of presents ( an embarrassment of presents, really… not so many next year, remind me), and a big dinner that featured my favorite food groups:  wine, sugar, carbs, red meat and chocolate. 

It was a feast day, for sure… in many ways.

As I write this… and think about how our family celebrates… I realize that it is very predictable.  Right down to who will sit where in the living room during present-opening, what tablecloth we will use for dinner, and what kind of cookies will be on the dessert platter.

What is it like for families with children whose behaviour is, maybe, not so predictable?  For kids who are sensitive to the sounds, tastes and textures of a holiday that only comes around once a year?  For kids who might not relish a living room full of distant cousins… or car rides to homes of relatives whom they only see every so often?

How was it for you?

Where were the struggles?

And, better yet, where was the JOY?

Share with us.

What you post here may be a blessing for another.

Merry Christmas. ( It is Christmas, after all, for 6 more days!)


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