A Splash of Water…

… is all it took for the heavens to open, for a dove to descend, and God’s voice to be heard: “This is my Son, the beloved.  In Him, I am well pleased.”

There is some debate in theological circles about who heard that voice… was it only Jesus who heard it ( like a child at a school play sharing a private hug with a parent who whispers in their ear: “I’m soooo proud of you…”)…. or was it broadcast for all to hear ( like a crowd that cheers when a soccer ball makes its way into the net?)

“In him, I am well pleased.”  It’s a lovely message.

How do you affirm your children?

How do you show them or tell them that they are “be-loved”… and that, in them, you are “well pleased?’

Should kids receive lots and lots of affirmation?  Some might say that our kids today are spoiled that way.

Do differently-abled kids or kids on the Spectrum  need a different kind or measure of praise?

What works?  What is frustrating for you, parents?

Please post a reply because what you share here may be a blessing for others.

More to come on the topic of Baptism and Jesus and Church and YOU!

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