Trying Another Format

I love to blog.

I have this blog … and another one for my musings (

But… it is not clear to me if all of YOU love to blog.

I am hoping to get some conversation going among Rhythms of Grace parents, volunteers and other friends on the materials that we cover in our worship sessions…. a way of extending the lesson on an adult level… digging deeper into the material and allowing for conversation on the way the lessons touch our lives as parents and caregivers of children on the Autism Spectrum.  BUT:  I’m getting plenty of hits, but not a lot of conversation.

There’s a new place to check in on Rhythms of Grace… in a new format… for a limited time.  I am trying a Message Board.

It is located at  Check it out.  Join the conversation.  Tell me if you like the idea of chatting… or would prefer to read blog.  

Your ideas are important.  Thanks for sharing them.


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One Comment on “Trying Another Format”

  1. Hi Audrey,
    I’m a Christian formation Director and one of those people who is reading your blog but not leaving comments! I have an interest in special needs ministries and have enjoyed hearing your thoughts here. I’m also writing a blog for parents and our catechists with the hope of trying to get a conversation going – it is slow work! I can empathize! I really like what you are doing with the blog and encourage you to keep it up! With my own blog, I’m finding that people seem to be reading but that people who aren’t regular blog readers are really shy about commenting. I’m hoping we can both break down that shyness soon!!! Keep up this important work!

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