The Relevancy of Love

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, lately, about the future of the Church…everything from sociological studies ( the latest of which claims that while Americans are the most religious culture, that they also exaggerate their actual church attendance by 40%…)… to optimistic tomes with titles like “The Next Christians,” and “Church in the Inventive Age…” to re-reading old favorites with less optimistic titles like “Why the CHurch Must Change or Die.”

As a pastor, I’m concerned about how to care for my congregations in the age of dwindling cultural enthusiasm for the Church… and how to continue the good ministry that we are doing… with fewer and fewer resources.  

 As a Rector, I am wondering how we can continue to operate with our big  budget deficits… and how we can make ourselves attractive to newcomers…  

but as a Priest… I am absolutely clear that the Sacraments will continue to nourish and nurture us with God’s great Love and Grace as long as we seek them out.

So- here’s the question:  I think that you parents of Rhythms of Grace kids know, too, the inherent value and relevancy of God’s Love.  The Church just happens to be the pathway to access that love, sacramentally.  Is that right?  Why DO we bring our kids to Church?

I hope that at Rhythms of Grace that you feel loved, accepted and cared for.  EVEN MORE- I hope that you claim this worship experience as YOUR OWN… as something that is not done FOR or TO you.. but as something in which you are an essential and organic part.

How DO you feel? Share some ideas here.. or on our new trial message board at



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One Comment on “The Relevancy of Love”

  1. Simon Says:

    Thank you Sir. That is true. May the Lord continue to bless you and to make you a blessings.
    Rev. Simon

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