Welcome to the Family

At one of my churches tomorrow, we will be baptizing two children.  Sisters.  Aged 2 and 5.

In our Tuesday playgroup, I have been working to explain what Baptism is… why we do it, and what it means.  Good luck with that, right?

I ‘ve shied away from long doctrinal discussions of  being washed of (our)original sin.  (-:

I have refrained from the image of ‘dying with Christ to be born to eternal life.’  Too confusing.

And…. what we’ve landed on… that makes sense to the kids- is the idea of belonging to a family.

Instead, I’ve explained that, tomorrow, these two will gain a whole bunch of new brothers and sisters… in Christ.

I love baptism days.  One of my favorite parts is when the congregation stands and affirm their role in the whole process;  that they will “support these persons in their lives in Christ.” 

God does not ask us to go it alone.  We enter the Christian walk with brothers and sisters at our side… helping to carry the load when it gets heavy… and there to dance with us when it is time for rejoicing.

I hope that Rhythms of Grace yields some of those feelings, too, for our parents and kids.

We do not walk alone.  We are there for each other… and always, in the presence of God’s abiding love.

At Rhythms of Grace we can be ourselves- sharing our struggles and our triumphs, and finding that the Church offers us a whole new family that loves and supports us.

Come to Rhythms tomorrow- we meet in Plainville ( CT) at Our Saviour (115 W. Main St) at 1 PM.

Come join the family.

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