… is wonderful when we have mastered it.

Yesterday at our Rhythms of Grace service we talked about this blog and its sister, the new message board at  Seems that folks are reading the blog… but not commenting ( ‘posting’ in blog-speak) for a number of reasons:

1.  don’t feel a need to post.  Enjoy reading it and reflecting on it but not called to respond.

2.  shy to be the first to respond.

3. too confusing to log on /join/sign up… questions about cost/security

4. one person said that they like reading it, but they haven’t commented because they are  not the parent of a child with (identified) Special Needs.

I am glad to have heard these comments.  I am glad that folks are reading the blog, but, as I said to one of my friends in the morning:  sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself….

I want to encourage people to respond… it is not too hard to negotiate the ‘log on/sign up’ maze… and doing so does not cost anything or commit you to any product of any kind.

As far as not being the parent of a child with Special Needs… this blog and its original intention was/is to serve parents of Rhythms’ kids… to form an on-line community of sorts for spiritual support.  That doesn’t seems to be happening.  What IS happening, though, is that through this blog the community of Rhythms of Grace is being extended and broadened.  Those who come to a Rhythms service can derive meaning from this blog… but others can, as well.  The Rhythms program is less, in its maturity, a program that serves those with Special Needs ( a program that ministers “to” folks) as much as it is an alternative worshiping community… an alternative eucharistic community.  All are welcome to attend-  in person and on-line- and to share the benefit of each other’s joys and struggles.  Rhythms of Grace has become a program of celebration and ministry WITH each other… not “to” or “for” a specific population.

What do you think about that?

I know that this blog is set up for Yahoo! and Facebook alerts… so… if you’re out there, give a holla!  What do you think of this blog?  the on-line community?  Take a leap of faith… comment.

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One Comment on “Technology…”

  1. Thanks for this blog. One of my parishioners stumbled across the service while cruising on-line. We are looking at an alternative service for those that have difficulty sitting through our traditional Sunday am services and most of these are not special needs children!

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