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Delight and Joy

March 2, 2011

…some days, these feel elusive:  delight and joy.

This winter, with its amazing and consistent onslaught of snow, ice, snow and…. snow has tested us all in the Northeast.  Appointments have been cancelled and re-scheduled, backs have been strained hefting snow, and cabin- fever has abounded.

It has been a time to dwell on what does bring us delight and joy… in the midst of  cold and slush.

Delight and Joy:

a warm summer afternoon spent reading on a blanket in the grass.

a night at home… with no meetings, homework or assignments to do.

listening to a wonderful piece of music… or watching a fabulous dance, performed onstage.

a warm, dark chocolate souffle

the thrill of a difficult challenge met … the satisfaction of an accomplishment

and, the greatest delight of all:  seeing one’s children happy and at peace.

What moments have brought you delight and joy, lately?

What is in your great well of reserve- your memories- that buoys you up on a difficult day?

Share some answers here for the benefit of our community!