Delight and Joy

…some days, these feel elusive:  delight and joy.

This winter, with its amazing and consistent onslaught of snow, ice, snow and…. snow has tested us all in the Northeast.  Appointments have been cancelled and re-scheduled, backs have been strained hefting snow, and cabin- fever has abounded.

It has been a time to dwell on what does bring us delight and joy… in the midst of  cold and slush.

Delight and Joy:

a warm summer afternoon spent reading on a blanket in the grass.

a night at home… with no meetings, homework or assignments to do.

listening to a wonderful piece of music… or watching a fabulous dance, performed onstage.

a warm, dark chocolate souffle

the thrill of a difficult challenge met … the satisfaction of an accomplishment

and, the greatest delight of all:  seeing one’s children happy and at peace.

What moments have brought you delight and joy, lately?

What is in your great well of reserve- your memories- that buoys you up on a difficult day?

Share some answers here for the benefit of our community!

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5 Comments on “Delight and Joy”

  1. walthampton Says:

    Great piece Audrey. I loved Venus near the waning crescent moon these last few mornings.

  2. Liz Tamiso Says:

    a tiny voice saying “Nonna….love you”

  3. Delight and Joy…the loving-thoughtfulness of all the little things my husband and I joyfully do for each other…snuggling with my doggie on these long, cold nights…completing the entire month of February (I know, the shortest month!) h…aving worked out EVERY day, with the exciting results that I was able to put my own socks on for the first time in YEARS…getting to know my future daughter-in-law (the more time I spend with her, the more I just love her!)…having a good cry because I missed my Mommy for the Academy Awards…newly exploring YouTube for favorite songs, and harmonizing at the top of my lungs…getting ready for the solemn contemplations of Lent…and praying for humility and gratitude…and I almost forgot: I discovered a new dictionary: the Urban Dictionary…there are just so many new words that I’m clueless about…first one I learned: <> it’s a combination of ‘snow’ and ‘dirt’, and I think I may start taking bets on when the last of these ugly borders finally melts!See More

  4. @Walt: ah, the waning crescent moon- spectacular. Just a thin sliver this morning. And Venus: brilliant.
    Some nice runs with great skies… need ot get my eyes off the ice and into the heavens!

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