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2013. Day One.

January 1, 2013

So- what is this year’s recipe for self improvement?

Some of us can’t resist the turning of the year as an offering of another chance… a clean slate… an opportunity to commit to some life changes that will bring us ever closer to being the person we want to be.

Some of these things- the recipe ingredients, if you will-  are trivial… and yet, so hard to maintain:

  • floss every day.
  • put down the computer and pick up that book.
  • get back into the routine of daily Morning Prayer.
  • put down the book and pick up the cello.

Those things shouldn’t be that hard to do. Theoretically, I like playing the cello. Even if the pieces get harder and harder and harder the longer that I stick with it (ten years, now.)  Morning Prayer always makes me feel so good.  Not because of the rote prayers and the same lectionary readings, year after year… but because of the benefit it affords me thoughout the rest of the day- giving me a gentleness and a grace that could only be God-given.  Reading new material and spending time as a student is one of the best ways that I know to grow, intellectually… and so, why wouldn’t I want to click that red X in the upper right hand corner of my monitor… and turn away from the triviality of FaceBook… to something that promises to expand my mind?  And flossing?  Well, duh.  That’s just a given, but faced with the rest of the long list of things to accomplish in my busy morning, brushing one’s teeth in the shower (hygiene multitasking) and slapping on some face cream is about the best I seem to manage for a beauty routine.

And then there’ s the diet and exercise thing.  If I could make ONE resolution there, it would be to just Figure out how to eat and exercise in a way that does not require plans and lists and programs on one hand… or complete abandonment of all reason and measure, on the other hand.  I’m GREAT when I’ve got a program to follow….. and a chocolate mess ( literally) when I don’t.  This is more than a simple New year’s Resolution can accomplish of course- and maybe someday I’ll nail it down.

In the meantime, there’s a Florida marathon that I’m heading to in ten days… and a beautiful new kitchen of my dreams under construction in the back of the house… and an amazing group of colleagues who challenge me professionally every day, and a Church to walk with through these exciting and tumultous times, and three children to watch, and a husband to love and some friends who are very patient with me, and lots and lots to do.

We’ll see how we roll together, 2013.  So far- one five mile run down, a hot shower,  brushed and flossed teeth, and a sensible breakfast of Kashi cereal and almond milk is getting us off to a good start.

here we go.